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A float slime that mixes into a jelly.

Scented Juicy Fruit gum.

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Customer Reviews

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Great slime--I'm just not super into the scent

The set up for this slime is GORGEOUS! It must have taken so much time. It was a wonderful sensory experience mixing it up, too.
The result is a solid gray with a bit of sparkle, which isn't the most attractive slime IMO, but texturally its a nice, squishy, non-tacky jelly. Nice bubble pops, very stretchy, inflates quite a bit.

The scent: this one just says "juicy fruit gum". I love the scent of overprotected (dark child remix), which I think includes juicy fruit gum as one of its listed scents, so I expected to like this one, too. Indeed, Spectrum really smells like Juicy Fruit as I remember it. Turns out, though, that I am NOT into the scent long term (Now as I think about it, I recall as kid frequently wanting to chew some juicy fruit, getting my hands on a stick, popping it in my mouth and being in heaven for like the first 10 seconds and then spitting it out cause the flavor is just...a bit much.) Luckily the scent strength of this slime is only moderate.

Appearance: 5/5
Mixing experience: 5/5
Texture: 4/5 (I'm not nuts for jelly slimes, myself. If they are your jam, you may find this a 5/5)
Resulting appearance: 3/5
Scent: 1/5 (Again, this smells JUST LIKE juicy fruit gum, which I imagine is a plus for many)

Kayla Cantrell
Just WOW!

I know I say this alot but they are seriously an artist and a real master of slime making. This shop has some of the most unique textures I cant find anywhere else. This slime was so fun and beautiful to look at as well.


Photos do not do this slime justice, it looks absolutely perfect in person! I was not expecting it to be this shimmering not to mention the sent is absolutely amazing! It's helpful that it's not very sticky after it's fully mixed and it inflates a ton so it makes for great bubble pops and stretching.