Shipping Info and Processing Times

Processing times vary, but most commonly turn around time is 1-2 business days. Please check the banner at the top of the page in the event it is currently different.

Soft Punk Slime ships everywhere we're allowed! We do not control international shipping prices. Shopify calculates the rates shown to you.

Soft Punk is not responsible for any import fees or taxes.


Our slime prices start at $15 for the 6 ounce size, and $12 for the 4 ounce sizes. DIY kits will start at $17. These are baseline prices. Different textures and components will change the price of individual slimes.

What sizes are Soft Punk slimes?

The standard size container in our shop is 6 ounces. DIY kits will naturally be larger than 6 ounces with the added clay pieces.

If any slimes are a different size than our standard, the size will be listed on the info page.

What are your sanitation practices?

When handling slime and creating clay pieces, Soft Punk Slime uses latex free, nitrile gloves.

All surfaces and equipment are routinely cleaned and sanitized.

How long do slimes last?

As long as you are properly maintaining your slime with our slime care tips, your slime will likely last at least six months and sometimes even longer.

However! If your slime is well-loved and you find yourself playing with it a lot, it might "die" quicker than this. Occassionally you can add more glue to a slime like this to bring it somewhat back to life but it is a last ditch effort.

Due to natural degradation, all slimes will eventually no longer be playable.

What are all these textures?

Please check out our extensive texture guide here.

How do I care for my slimes?

For all slime care questions, please refer to our slime care page or contents/warnings page.

What are these metal things in my order?

Those are called studs! More specifically, they're English 77's.

Studs are often used in punk rock fashion (think of a punk vest with patches and pins all over it).

We send these to you as a little punk rock offering! You can put them on any piece of fabric! A shirt, a hoodie, your wallet, canvas shoes, or maybe even a pride flag. :)