Before and after slime play.

This will keep your slime clean (preserving longevity) and your hands free of any slimy bits. If your hands are dry, lotion can help before slime play as well!

Slime can dry out if not cared for!

Slime likes to be kept in a cooler climate. It will melt if left in the sun, on a windowsill, near a heater or anywhere else warm. However, it can also become difficult to play with if left somewhere too cold. 

If slime becomes sticky, add some activator solution. Your order will NOT come with a baggie of borax. But it is free to add. Stir the borax into warm water until dissolved. Once dissolved, use little amounts at a time until you reach your desired texture. Adding too much can ruin your slime! We recommend having activator on hand any time you play with slime.

If slime arrives to you too firm, we probably over activated it for shipping or it got too cold while traveling to you. Glycerin, a pump of lotion, or a small spot of hand soap can help soften a slime. If it's a clear slime, just let it sit out in the sun for a while but make sure to check it often!

Reach out if you have any further questions.