Wash Your Hands!!!

Washing your hands before and after slime play will preserve the longevity of your product as well as keep your hands free of any slime residue.

If your hands are dry, lotion can help before slime play as well!

Slime Too Sticky? (Making Activator with Borax!)

Slime is not truly shelf stable and will naturally melt over time. However, other factors can cause it to melt quicker too. This includes but is not limited to: heat, sunlight, foreign materials from unwashed hands, as well as adding too many ingredients when trying to alter slimes.

As it melts, slime will become sticky; if this happens, add some activator solution made from borax.

Your order will NOT come with a baggie of borax but it is free to add.

Stir the borax into warm water (I personally use boiling water) until dissolved. Once dissolved, use little amounts at a time until you reach your desired texture. Adding too much can ruin your slime!

We recommend having activator on hand every time you play with slime (e.g. storing it in a small bottle or other lidded container).

Please note, Soft Punk Slimes are only made with borax based solutions--not other kinds of activator. We do not condone usage of detergents or anything other than borax dissolved in water to maintain our slimes. Using anything other than borax solutions can and will result in a ruined slime.

Slime Too Firm?

If slime arrives to you too firm, we may have purposely over-activated it for shipping, or the package got too cold while traveling to you.

If it is too cold from travel, please allow slimes to get to room temperature before play! If slime is still firm at room temperature, add a spot of glycerin, a pump of lotion, or a small spot of hand soap.

If it's a clear slime, you can let it sit out in the sun for a while as long as you make sure to check it often! Adding anything like soap or lotion to a clear slime will destroy its clarity.

If nothing else, slime naturally melts, so your slime will naturally soften.

I can't get my slime back in its container!

Slimes will inflate during play; this is common and expected. This happens because air bubbles get trapped as the slime is stretched. Some textures inflate more than others but all slimes will do this to some degree.

Slime will deflate over time (making it manageable again overnight) but if you cannot wait, transfer any excess product into a separate container. We have deli containers available for purchase if you would like something like that but a (SUPER CLEAN) tupperware container or even a ziplock baggie will work!

Keep slime at room temperature (or colder!)

Slime likes to be kept in a cooler climate. It will melt if left in the sun, on a windowsill, near a heater or anywhere else warm. However, it can also become difficult to play with if left somewhere too cold for too long. 

Room temperature is best!

Close the Lid Tightly

Slime will dry out if not cared for properly. Leaving the lid off overnight while your slime deflates is okay, but be sure to put the lid on in the morning!

Additional Care Notes

Adding too much of any ingredient to a slime can cause problems, especially if the slime has crunchy add-ins. Please do not do anything other than what is listed here to care for a Soft Punk Slime, otherwise we will not be able to assist you.

If you have already tried everything listed on this page and are still having problems, please contact us at