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A butter pure pumice slime.

Scented sweetened satsuma, sriracha, sunflowers, light sea mist. 

This is the only pure pumice I sell in 6oz jars. This is reflected in the price.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nice sizzles, great smell

This mixes up into a nice, velvety slime that has no stickiness at all, yet has absolutely no fall-out, even after I've aggressively stretching and inflating it for several minutes. It feels slightly damp, but leaves no wet feeling on the hands. It is definitely mildly exfoliating, so my hands feel nice and soft after handling it. In turns of playing with it, it has a bit of resistance, so its not the softest slime. It inflates somewhat, handles fast pulls. ASMR is mostly from the sizzling sound the pumice makes when you pull it, or after you let it relax from being pulled. Not much clicks and I only get bubble pops with some effort. The scent is moderately strong. I'm a fan. The sriracha smell is definitely there when I first open the container each time, but then it mostly smells like a peppery citrus when I play with it.

Samantha Lee

Have you ever had a slime give you goosebumps it’s so good?
That’s what this slime does for me.
Already recommended to a friend and she bought it and told her if she didn’t like it I’d buy it from her

Sizzly Spots

If you've never tried a butter pumice before, I can't recommend it this slime more. It's so sizzly and so dense, it's a treat to play with. I love the black glitter in this when it's mixed, and the scent is mild and pleasant.