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A DIY clay top w/icee base slime.

Scented kumquat, snowdrops, ambrette seeds, cyclamen, aerosol.


clay piece is hand made and all clay! Not painted. The price reflects this.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Fresh and clean

I love how bold this slime looks! Mixes into an almost-black, cg version of a cloud dough (soft, stretchy, and doughy). The black doesn't stain or transfer onto the hands bc it was from black clay, and there's minimal snow residue (inevitable with a heavy snow slime). Scent is super fresh and clean with the added aerosol to keep it from being boring and to remind you that this is a sps scent (:

Jasmine Stachowski
New fave texture!

I always used to think I was a thick & glossy or butter person for my slimes for the longest time for a go to but this clay top x icee texture is SO GOOD, I love the hand feel for this & the scent is amazing. If you're a little sensitive to smells then this one might not be for you, personally I LOVE a strong fragrance since I got some bad sinuses. Love the complexity of the scent too! For the amount of slime you also get after mixing with the topper? Super good value if that's a concern since you'll need that other container to store the extra. Really glad I branched out on a new texture!

Beautiful slime, scent was not for me

This rating is based upon looks only… Although I have not actually touched the slime, it was too beautiful to give it any less than 5 stars. Scent is very subjective, and this is one that I just couldn’t tolerate. It’s not a bad scent; it’s just very unique and not something I personally enjoy (and that’s ok)! The meticulously designed clay piece in addition to the pattern within the slime itself just cannot go ignored in a review, hence the 5 star rating. Knowing A’s quality of slimes, I’m sure it will receive great reviews for texture as well!