Slime Warnings and Contents

What is slime made of?

Slime is a chemical compound comprised of PVA glues and borax solutions.

Soft Punk uses but is not limited to: borax, pva, nontoxic glues, non toxic paints, skin safe fragrances, cosmetic grade mica powders, craft glitters, cosmetic glitters, hand soaps, lotions, (gluten free) cornstarch, food coloring, instant snow, crafting clays, plastic snow, foam pieces, vegetable glycerin, and/or other cosmetics as well as some occasional plastic or acrylic pieces to enhance each slime.

We only use cosmetic or food grade products where applicable. It is preferred over craft grade.

If you think you could be allergic...

Exercise caution or do not buy our slimes. Some ingredients can be looked up, so reach out for specific concerns.

Please note: just because a synthetic fragrance is used does not mean you won't be allergic to its inclusion in slime.

Example: If you are allergic to roses and I use a floral synthetic fragrance oil, do not assume that means it is free of rose essential oil. I will likely not be able to clear this info with my vendors, for their recipes are proprietary, but I will likely tell you not to risk it!

However, we do not use latex gloves, and any time an essential oil is used that is a common allergen, it will be listed on the slime.



No matter how awesome it smells or feels!

Soft Punk Slime is intended for ages 13+

Slime is enjoyable for folks of all ages. However, some slimes contain charms that could be considered choking hazards and some could be easily used to ruin your furniture.

Please do not let *any* child play unsupervised. Your carpet will thank you.

But yes, a majority of my customers (around 90%) are adults!!!

Slime can be sticky.

Slime can/will stick to clothing, carpets, and other fabrics. Inexperienced slimers should play on tabletop surfaces until they are better versed with slime play. It is also suggested to have borax solution on hand. This does not automatically come with every order but is 100% free to add. For more slime care and tips, please see the slime care page!

Slime does not have any preservatives.

Slime is not entirely shelf stable and therefore does not make a good long-term-hiding gift (looking at you, holiday shoppers!). For that, I would recommend a giftcard!

Slime requires attention and maintenance. Please see the slime care page here.