Slime is a chemical compound comprised of PVA glues and borax solutions.

SoftPunkSlime uses borax, pva, nontoxic glues, non toxic paints, skin safe fragrances, cosmetic grade mica powders, craft glitters, cosmetic glitters, hand soaps, lotions, (gluten free) cornstarch, food coloring, instant snow, plastic snow, foam pieces, vegetable glycerin, and/or other cosmetics as well as some occasional plastic or acrylic pieces to enhance each slime.

No matter how awesome it smells and feels!

Exercise caution and/or do not buy our slimes.

Slime is enjoyable for folks of all ages. However, some slimes contain charms that could be considered choking hazards. 

Slime can/will stick to clothing, carpets, and other fabrics. Inexperienced slimers should play on tabletop surfaces until they are better versed with slime play. It is also suggested to have borax solution on hand. This does not automatically come with every order but is 100% free to add.