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A 4 oz. clear glue pure pumice slime.

Scented spiced strawberry macaroon, papaya, mango, hint of lavender. 

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Customer Reviews

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Loud sizzles, amazing smell

I got this and Sunspots (a pumice with a butter base) in the same order. Misnomer is definitely a little tacky, in comparison, eventually becoming too sticky to play with after awhile. However, it firms up quickly after each use.

It's also a lot softer and easier to pull, but makes almost no bubble pops and doesn't inflate much (enough to get too big for its container). It makes much louder sizzles than Sunspots. Same velvety feel of the pumice and same exfoliating effect on my hands.

The smell is on the strong side, which I like, personally. It's pretty lavender-forward, followed by a sophisticated aroma that I guess is the cotton candy flavor listed in the description? I don't really smell mango or papaya, but they are probably adding certain notes to it. All in all, I'd describe it as a masterfully-crafter smell. Well-done!


Literally the best texture I have ever experienced. Soft Punk pumice is in another level. It’s amazing to feel, squish, and play with and the sound is the most incredibly satisfying sizzle. The scent is lovely without being overpowering and has great staying power. I couldn’t be happier with this slime!

Jill S.
Isn't she lovely? 💗

This is my first purchase from A. and i'm full of admiration, this is a really beautiful slime! The texture and asmr of the pumice is so pleasing, and the dusty pink color reminds me sweetly of the makeup colors I loved as a teen. 🥲💗 and the sweet, fruity fragrance tickles the same nostalgic part of my brain. It's just so well done. My only regret is not spending more time with the glorious hot pink clear slime before i mixed it in, but i can see traces of it in the pumice. And she gets crazy fluffy! 😄 it's been a fun few days of rehousing her while she deflates.

Really great work, thank you so much!